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X5 Retail Group in English

Develop your high-tech business along with с X5 Retail Group.

Окончание приема заявок: 17 сентября 2019

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Develop your high-tech business along with с X5 Retail Group.


We are constantly looking for innovative technologies:

  • Store operations (in-store processes efficiency, ergonomics optimization, costs reduction, anti-fraud, anti-theft solutions, operational costs optimization (electricity, heating, conditioning), retail space effective utilization, staff management and efficiency, trade equipment innovations).

  • Customer relations (faster, easier, exceeds customer’s expectations, self-services, customer service in store and online, personalization tools, innovative marketing solutions, new effective sales/advertising channels).

  • Supply chain (DCs processes efficiency and safety, ergonomics optimization, transportation efficiency and safety, operational costs optimization, goods tracking from manufacturers to consumers, goods quality control, losses decrease).

  • Online store (online sales conversion increase, customer digital path analysis, smart basket tools, last-mile delivery, up-sale/cross-sale improvement tools, mobile app efficiency with the focus on UX taking into account missions of purchases, click & collect processes efficiency, orders management).

  • Back office (HR, legal, finance processes automation, IT-innovations).

The most interesting technology areas:

  • Video analytics

  • Automation

  • Computer vision

  • Big Data

  • IoT

  • Robotization

  • VR | AR | MR

  • Blockchain


Discover the Russian market – start your business with X5!

Food retail expertise from largest player in Russia:

  • prototyping and testing in laboratory store/DC/on test data;

  • customer development with X5 Retail Group experts;

  • business hypotheses testing in pilot areas.

Great market opportunities:

  • the rollout in 14.500 stores, 42 distribution centers, 4000 truck fleet;

  • applying technology on 280.000 employees for HR startups;

  • applying technology on 80 mln unique consumers for marketing startups.

Strategic investments – we invest in innovative technologies.

Окончание приема заявок: 17 сентября 2019

X5 Retail Group is a leading multi-format modern food-retailer that is developing and managing a portfolio of retail brands, each with a distinct value proposition (14,500 stores; 30 mln customers daily; 278,000 employees).

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