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Example: I am helping my customers / users [describe the service / product customer in detail] to solve their issue [describe the customer issue you are solving]. Now the issue is being solved [as follows], therefore: [certain opportunities are lost; N $ are lost, N resources/time are spent]
Describe how your project solves the issue
Winners are selected by 100 experts from venture funds, corporations, business-incubators and accelerators. The main criteria for the winner: will this startup dominate globally and make a remarkable success story?
This award is designed for companies and developers teams that can offer bank service solutions and related products.
This award is designed for startups that use new mobile technology: AR/VR without a helmet, geolocation and locating objects, mobile payments and contactless payments, recognition technologies, loyalty programs, gamification solutions and other social networking solutions.
This award is designed for cloud computing projects, IoT, data management, big data & analytics or Smart city technologies.
This award is designed for B2C startups that are interested to get supported by Google and are ready to market their product through Google marketing tools.
This award is designed for tech companies that are interested in entering European market through Finland.
This award is designed for pre-seed / seed stage startups and ideas, that are focused on security issues and are interested in joining Kaspersky Lab Business-incubator.
Pitch Session at GoTech Forum for startups that are combining fun and technology. Type of projects that evoke positive emotions, and are fun to be shared with friends. Partner: FunCubator - the first online-accelerator for startups in the FunTech industry.

Business Model & Team

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Up to 10 Mb. We recommend to attach the project presentation that experts may use, if information in the application is not sufficient for its evaluation
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