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Describe how your project solves the issue, describe your technology
Pitch session on the main stage of GoTech ARENA for projects that have global competitiveness in the "iron" areas, as well as startups that improve the health and well-being of people.
For startups that develop B2B solutions in the field of retail, finance, advertising and HR, as well as B2C-projects, that make it easier and more convenient to solve everyday tasks.
For startups that develop solutions for a smart city and home, improving security, digitalizing the industry, improving the quality of data collection and analytics, remote provision of services, entertainment and leisure.
For companies and development teams that create the future of retail technologies.
For startups working in robotics, AI, computer vision and machine learning areas.
For companies and development teams that create IT solutions for logistics.
For companies that develop platform solutions for the digitization of medicine, education, agriculture, manufacturing and small business in consumer markets.
For projects at the junction of entertainment and technology at the stage of the prototype or the launched product.
For startups working at IoT, smart city, cloud, big data & analytics, blockchain & data management areas.
For tech companies that are interested in entering European market through Finland.
For B2C and AdTech startups, ready to grow rapidly in the international market.

Business model

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